Fran's Fancy Feet

      Dancers who would like to join the competition team should speak with Ms. Fran.  Our competition Team Competes at both the Regional and National Level. We have competed for 17 years and offer all levels of Ability from Entry level or Novice to Elite. There are always available positions on the team.  Competition students may request duets, solos, or teams they would like to be on but the final decision is up to the instructor.  The Benefits include one flat monthly fee that includes unlimited classes, the chance to  develop a strong work ethic and learn to work as a team. Most competition Dancers have Higher grades, exude self Confidence and tend to be more successful as adults.  Classes are taught at a faster pace with much more emphasis on precision and technique.  Students attend; summer classes, a dance workshop in the fall , 4-5 competitions from approximately February-May, Nationals in July, and fundraisers throughout the year.    Dancers must also;  take Ballet, Prep and recreational classes (that are the same styles as the teams they are on) and also participate in the June recital.

     Once on the competition team, dancers become part of a family.  They work hard and also have many fun and memorable times throughout the year together.  We look forward to another successful year and look forward to your support.

What is Competition?

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