NEW REQUIREMENTS for missed classes!

Miss ballet --make up ballet

Miss prep-- make up prep or leaps and turns/ and vice versa

Miss competition class-- make up ballet

Excused class will be for school function, sick (with note), religion (with note).  If sick but not contagious, please come to watch.



Competition News

Our competition Team Competes at both the Regional and National Level. We have competed for 17 years and offer all levels of Ability from Entry level or Novice to Elite. There are always available positions on the team.  The Benefits include one flat monthly fee that includes unlimited classes, the chance to  develop a strong work ethic and learn to work as a team. Most competition Dancers have Higher grades, exude self Confidence and tend to be more successful as adults. Inquire if you are interested in joining. All competition team members are required to take a Ballet technique, Competition Prep and a Leaps and Turns Class in addition to the team or solo classes. We look forward to another successful year and look forward to your support.

Competition Dates Are Announced early to the competition team members only. We will post The week of Competition on social media only

Competition Dates


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Competition Team Tryouts